The pickup time to start the hike depends upon the nature of the hike. If we need to start early morning hike, then we start at 6 am, and in case of normal hikes, it starts at 8 am.

Yes, at summer our vehicles are air conditioned and at winter our vehicles are heated. Our vehicles are comfortable and are in proper condition so you don’t have to worry about it.

To travel from the hotel to the hiking spot, we use buses/micros and they are in excellent condition. In the 4WD hike, we use a 4WD vehicle to travel.

The size of the tour group varies according to the season. In summer, the tour groups are larger compared to the winter months. For your comfort, we never put together too many people.

Adventure should not be limited to a single place only. If you are interested in more than one hike, you can contact us and then we will arrange the trip accordingly, but note that it might take some time for the other hike to start.

For long trekking, it is possible to join late and leave early as the trek lasts for a more extended period. However, as the one-day hikes are limited to only a single day, if you come late you might miss the entire trip. So, you have to be on time.

Although these one day hikes are easy, there are some trails that are a bit tricky and require effort. If you bring kids, we would like to advise you to accompany them. Don’t bring children that are below 8 years. Elderly people should check their health before going on the trip.

The clothing requirement depends on the place where you are traveling and the timing of the year. If you visit Kathmandu from May to September, you’ll need light clothing and if you are to visit after September you’ll require winter clothing.

The luggage requirement varies according to what you need. In most cases, the luggage is left at the hotel, but if needed, you can take your luggage along with you and it will be held at the place from where we’ll start the hike.